A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Nitropteron is not your typical racing videogame.
Racetracks have turns in any direction.
And your ship actually flies in the air!

Turn left/right, pitch up/down, and roll sideways.
Throttle, brakes, and nitro.
You will need all of them to win!

Fly fast to the finish line!
Crash your rivals, or get crushed!

- o -

A gamepad is strongly recommended.
But you can also select keyboard controls
at the players sub menu.
You can also change the input map at the loading dialog.

Recommended controls map:

  • Turn and pitch: Left Stick
  • Roll sideways: L1 and R1
  • Throttle: A / X
  • Brake: B / Square
  • Nitro: R2

- o -

by NaBUrean Prodooktionz
creators of the invisible


Nitropteron 1.10.29 (for Windows) 64 MB
Nitropteron 1.10.29 (for Linux) 68 MB

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